Sony Loops Classic Collection (Electronic Delivery)

Sony Loops Classic Collection (Electronic Delivery)

Sony Loops Classic Collection (Electronic Delivery)

With the Classic Collection of Downloadable Loops and Samples from Sony Creative Software, just pick one of the 39 libraries to expand your aural palette. Each box includes a link and serial number for downloading one of the Classic Collection's libraries plus a bonus disk loaded with 500 loops sampling the entire Sony Catalog.

Loops Classic Collection

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This product will be delivered electronically. You will receive a serial number or license code via email along with a link to download the software. No waiting for software to come in the mail!

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With the Classic Collection of Downloadable Loops and Samples from Sony Creative Software, just pick one of the 39 libraries to expand your aural palette. Each box includes a link and serial number for downloading one of the Classic Collection's libraries plus a bonus disk loaded with 500 loops sampling the entire Sony Catalog.


ACID DJ Expander Pack

Complete construction kit for DJs and dance music producers, packed with beats, basses, scratches, decks, FX, and more

Ambient Grooves

Pulled from the vaults of iconoclast producer Bill Laswell, this library blends instrumental sounds from all points of the globe

Bunker 8: Extremely Abrasive Beats

A collection of extremely harsh beat loops for industrial, post-rock, crunchy down-tempo, abstract hip-hop, and sheer noise tracks

Classic Drum Machines: Syntonic Generator

Eclectic drum and synth loops created using vintage kit and edited to perfection for your convenience

DJ Puzzle: Scratch Tactics

Explore the best of the urban underground with this scratch-based construction kit that focuses on the 'tables as its primary sound source.


The best of electro-hop, darkside, big beat and intelligent industrial music all rolled up into a single library with over 500 megabytes of content

Essential Sounds II

A multi-genre assortment of handy, high-quality sounds perfect for the busy producer. There's something here for everyone

Fluid Dynamics: Computational Drum 'n' Bass

A perfect, authentic drum 'n' bass excursion that has all the materials you need to realize pure form d 'n' b

George Pendergast: Essential Percussion

Essential Percussion takes a non-traditional approach and provides sounds that will integrate easily with a wide variety of styles

Knutrix Drum 'n' Bass

A smooth drum 'n' bass construction kit with the Endless flow vibe - endless diversity, extreme high fidelity

Mac Money: Hip-Hop/R&B Vocals

Once you've laid your flows over Mac Money beats, trick out your production with first class soul/R&B vocals and MC callouts

Methods of Mayhem: Industrial Toolkit

Finally, an industrial library that's all killer and no filler, just 500+ megabytes of mysterious and delirious guitars, synths, beats, and rhythms

Paul Black: Blues Guitar

Sultry, jagged and completely authentic, Paul Black lays down a gold mine of authentic, traditional blues guitar loops

Rapoon: Sci-Fi Tribal

A portal to moods and atmospheres with a surreal, low-fi edge, produced by ambient industrialist Robin Story, founder of zoviet-france

Siggi Baldursson: Drumsugar

A generous array of traditional and not-so-traditional beats, breaks, fills, and one-shots from Sugarcubes timekeeper Siggi Baldursson

Synthetic Sound Effects: Twisted Reality

A collection of ultra hi-fi synthetic sound effects perfect for music and film

Techno Synth Loops 1: Signals I

Created using the world's greatest synthesizers: Korg MS20, Minimoog, Prophet-5, Roland Jupiter 6 and Jupiter 8, and Yamaha DX7

Twine: Build

A self-contained music construction kit of beats and textures derived from Twine's deeply-processed audio

Vince Andrews: Jazz Solos and Sections

All that jazz plus a little something extra. Pluck out a few classy riffs or turn your track upside down with some bonus processed material

World Pop

Give your next hit song the global treatment with this collection of exotic, East-Indian instrumentation filtered through traditional pop sensibilities


A complete rock construction kit of 800 drum, guitar, bass, piano, clavinet, synth, and sax loops

Bass X

A diverse collection of Groove Addicts bass riffs perfect for anchoring the low end of a very wide variety of music

Classic Country

A assortment of loops that capture the traditional Nashville / Americana sound. A complete construction kit

David Torn: SPLaTTeRCeLL

A rich collection of sounds perfect for film scores, ambient electronica, and anything that needs that dark, subtle edge

Electro-World Percussion

A dependable resource for traditional Middle Eastern drumming, and the perfect all-in-one groove tool for world-influenced electronica

Electronica Grooves: Cyclotronic Resonator

Beats, basses, and FX for the conscientious electronica producer. A complete synth-based construction kit


Traditional melodies and rhythms from around the globe. 100% authentic performances recorded at their sources

Futurist Drum 'n' Bass

Undulating bass lines and fierce, pounding rhythms that cover all realms of the D'n'B spectrum, from hard-step to liquid

Joe Vitale: Latin Percussion

Veteran library creator and master drummer Joe Vitale serves up sizzling Latin rhythms, percussion ensembles, and other vital instrumentation

Ma Ja Le: Electronic Imprints and Astrobeats

Intense percussion loops, disintegrating analog instruments, forbidden Theremin transmissions, solarized electric guitars, and more

Metarock Visions

Metarock Visions, the brainchild of veteran library producer Brian Daly, is a collection of the best guitars, basses, drums, and synths

Nashville Wire: Pedal Steel Guitar

An excellent collection of fine pedal steel work that finally makes this complex instrument available to desktop music producers worldwide

Psychedelic Guitar

Muscular electric guitar riffs by rock, blues, and jazz fusion pioneer Harvey Mandel. Weave some soaring leads into your next project

Rapoon: Textures & Soundscapes

Enter the Rapoon worldview and punch your ticket to a visionary world replete with sounds and tones from a parallel universe

Sounds of Asia: Opium

Traditional sounds that capture the spirit of Asia. 100% authentic performances recorded at their sources

Techno Club Grooves II

The loop library that gives you hip, vintage loops from the KORG Rhythm 55 beatbox

Techno Synth Loops 2: Signals II

More electronica loops made with sounds from the world's greatest synthesizers. Enjoy super-tight synth sequences and FX

Twine: Intelligent Dance Music

Electronica rhythms, melodies, bass lines, and evocative sonic environments from the warped minds that brought you the Build library

World Percussion

Get your passport stamped with World Percussion, a perfect fusion of expertly played tribal sounds by master drummer Marc Anderson


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